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Interview with TV Motos International - Speedmetalcycling

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Speaking of TV Motos International....

"TV Motos International brings a wealth of experience to any event they service. They have operated cameras in the most extreme conditions with deft awareness and responsibility. The images they provide are second to none and always have an eye on the storyline event promoters desire and need."

Steve Brunner,

KOM Sports Marketing, Colorado Springs, Colo.

World-Class Events Promoter


"I’ve hired TV Motos International the past five years for the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah cycling race and the level of professionalism and talent these guys bring to our production is second to none.  From knowing the riders, to being in the right place at the right time to get the shot I wouldn’t want anybody else on the course during our race telecast."

Travis Henderson,  Executive Director, Broadcasting, Utah Jazz


I have Produced and Directed over 25 marathon telecasts and you guys with the TV Motos International crew were the opposite of what I expected…a couple of quick face-to-face meetings and the rest worked out as planned…you had the storytelling, the right shots at the right time and your ability to adjust framing on the fly to accommodate graphics was an added plus.  I appreciate quality, and so do many of the other people who do these events."

Phil Olsman, Director, Red Bull Stratos, Wings For Life World Run - National Sports Emmy winner, 2013, Directing the Red Bull Stratos Journey to the Edge Of Space


"TV Motos International brings to our productions an experienced group of professional pilots and shooters who are dedicated to their craft of covering the sport of cycling, marathon, triathlon etc.  Having been a long time director in large field of play events with no boundaries, I feel the role of “on-course pilot and camera operator” is critical to the success of our productions. TV Motos International packages  this experience in a turn-key solution which not only takes the stress off the learning curve of a very difficult role, but allows exceptional coverage which our sophisticated viewers have come to expect in sport production."

Christopher Lincoln
Flying Fish Productions
Producer/Director Amgen Tour of California / US Pro


"I'm really impressed with how these guys shot the week of races. I would say it's honestly the single best ENG moto shooting I have ever seen done. Beautiful photography and spot-on story -telling in every shot"

Kent Gordis

Kent Gordis Productions, Inc.